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Rum And Ting

Buckle up for this. Rum and Ting is here to take you on a ride!


1 1/2oz Rum
2oz Ting 
A dash of bitters
Stir, den add a likkle ice…..nice!
Risky Ting...It’s a Jamaican Ting!


Likkle Ting

It likkle but it large.


Start with some Ting, then...
Likkle 1oz Vodka
Likkle 1tbs brown sugar
Likkle 1/2simple syrup
Likkle 1oz lime juice, 8 mint leaves, and 1/2 oz cranberry juice.
Top up with Ting...It’s a Jamaican Ting!


Ginger Ting

Tek time wid dis spicy ting.


Mix 3oz Ting
With 2oz authentic Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
Stir with a few mint leaves and splash in some 1/2 oz Grenadine syrup.
Ginger Ting...It’s a Jamaican Ting!


Sin Ting

Now this ting is simply wicked.


Take some real Jamaican pour 1 1/2oz Ting
Dash een 1 1/2 Vodka
And nuff crush ice
Now sip...slowly
Brace yuhself cause this one nuh normal
Sin Ting...It’s a Jamaican Ting!!


Ting a Rita

Time fi tun up di Ting!


Start with some Real Jamaican Ting
Bring een 1 1/2 Tequila
Take your time and add a likkle 1oz Lime juices or 3-4 lime wedges
And mek sure you don’t forget the salt!
Ting a Rita….It’s a Jamaican Ting!


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