Old JamaicaN Ginger Beer
1525 - Ginger was first introduced to Jamaica

1585 - Jamaica ginger was the first oriental spice to be grown in the New World & imported back to Europe

1790 - England was exporting ginger beer to Canada and the United States, which was made possible by the advent of pressure-sealed stoneware jars

1900 - The British army introduced the drink to the Ionian Islands

1908 - Desnoes and Geddes Limited was formed in 1918 by Eugene Peter Desnoes and Thomas Hargreaves Geddes. One morning, two youngsters came upon each other in the offices of West Indies Mineral & Tablewater Company in Kingston Jamaica. "My name is Thomas Hargreaves Geddes" said the newcomer. The other smiled "Glad to make your acquaintance! I've been here a bit. I'm Eugene Desnoes" And so for the first time, Desnoes and Geddes shook hands. Neither of them could have imagined that this would mark the beginning of an extraordinary partnership. They shared what seemed to be then an impossible dream: to build a brewery to produce a Jamaican beer of international quality. It would be more than a decade before that dream would become a reality

1927 - Desnoes & Geddes opened it's Surrey Brewery in Kingston

1952 - Paul Geddes (son of the company founder) becomes Chairman of the company

1958 - A new brewery was opened in Hunts Bay, This was the most modern brewery in the Caribbean

1988 - Old Jamaica Ginger Beer was introduced to the UK

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