About Ting

Ting was first manufactured in Jamaica in the late November 1976. Within a year of its launch, it made headlines by winning the coveted Mode Selection Gold Medal in Belgium for its distinctive taste and quality. It was also in that year that Ting was first exported to Barbados which was the beginning of an industrious journey to becoming an international accepted brand in more than 20 countries world wide. In the following year it won several international awards. Since the acquisition of the Ting brand from D&G in December 1999 by Pepsi Americas the company has invested a significant amount of funds in a new bottling line as well as acquiring more vehicles for distribution, all of which contributed to the significant growth of the product.

Since acquiring the brand, the Ting grapefruit drink sales has increase more than 200 percent. When Pepsi Jamaica decided to put its Premium Ting soft drinks in a plastic bottle and take it mass market, it hoped at best for double digit growth in sales of the grapefruit beverage. Instead volume jumped 300 percent over the first year of acquisition and has been have multiply effect since. Later in 2001 Ting went jumbo size with the fast selling 2 Litre Plastic bottle. Pepsi took the FIZZ out of Ting's aristocratic air when it added to to the choice at soda fountain dispensers in fast food outlets, night-clubs and resorts, using the bag in concept, making Ting the anytime of day drink. The resurgence of Ting as well as growing consumer demand for natural juices has been leading a rejuvenation of the local citrus industry. As a result of the increased sale of Ting, hundreds of local farmers have benefited from the purchase of all our required grapefruit concentrate from Jamaica Citrus Growers Association.

Ting remains consistent through the years, maintaining the highest quality in the beverage industry worldwide. The brand has received the coveted Mode Selection Gold Medal for distinctive quality and taste:

  • 1977 Luxembourg

  • 1978 Geneva

  • 1979 Paris

  • 1992 Amsterdam

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